The Integrative Psychotherapy Association (API) has been founded in 2006  and is certified by both the Romanian Psychology College and The Romanian Psychotherapy Federation to organise training courses in psychotherapy that grants to its students the right to practice psychotherapy.  The association is presided by Mrs. CAMELIA STAVARACHE, and the  honorary presidents is RICHARD ERSKINE.

About Stavarache Camelia

President of Integrative Psychotherapy Association, trainer and supervisor in integrative psychotherapy, specialist in integrative psychotherapy, hypnosis and body psychotherapy. She made the first delivery under hypnosis in Romania. She is specialized in France to treat panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depression, psychosomatic (pain, irritable bowel) and shyness.
She wrote the books:
“The psychotherapeutic Guide to reduce conflicts” ussed as a guide in all the prisons in Romania;
“Unusual cases in psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapy programs”

It is the only association in Romania that doesn’t promote an eclectic integrative psychotherapy but it promotes the original integrative psychotherapy with Richard Erskine School.

 API Trainers, guests of honor and collaborators :

dr. Richard Erskine, the first president of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association, the founder of integrative psychotherapy and Director of the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy in New York

Elena Guarrella (Italia) – founding member of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association, experienced trainer and supervisor international in integrative psychotherapy and transactional analysis, executive director of IANTI (Roma)

Camelia Stavarache – trainer and supervisor in integrative psychotherapy

Magda Luchian  – trainer and supervisor in integrative psychotherapy

Carmen Lovinescu  – trainer and supervisor in integrative psychotherapy

prof. univ. dr. Mihaela Minulescu, president of ARPA (The Romanian Association of Analitical Jungian Psychotherapy)

prof. “Aaron T. Beck” univ. dr. Daniel David, trainer and supervisor in cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy

Dr. Augustin Cambosie trainer and supervisor within ARPP (The Romanian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy), vicepresident of FRP (The Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy)