Good to be your day! If you arrived at this page means that you need a good therapist. All people in this list are well-trained psychologists in the art of psychotherapy, me and a coordinating team. They are hearty and enthusiastic people, which I recommend you wholeheartedly.Best regards!

Camelia Stavarache Integrative Psychotherapy Association president

Stavarache Camelia

President of Integrative Psychotherapy Association, trainer and supervisor in integrative psychotherapy, specialist in integrative psychotherapy, hypnosis and body psychotherapy. She made the first delivery under hypnosis in Romania. She is specialized in France to treat panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depression, psychosomatic (pain, irritable bowel) and shyness.
She wrote the books:
“The psychotherapeutic Guide to reduce conflicts” ussed as a guide in all the prisons in Romania;
“Unusual cases in psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapy programs”

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 0040 744 33 44 19

Florentina Mandoc


Integrative psychotherapist under supervision;
Clinical psychologist under supervision.

Phone: 0740034940

Monica Rus

Degree in Psychology.
Degree in Special Psychopedagogy.
Integrative Psychotherapist under Supervision

Through her own personal process and development she rediscovered the spark for painting after twenty years. Psychotherapy helped her to understand the dynamics of her mind, the need for artistic expression and sublimation. This process naturally incorporated archetypal symbolism which in turn initiated a personal healing process.
All that seams to be lost,can be won back!

Phone: (+40 )744 611 773
E-mail: [email protected]

Daniela Tudor

Degree in special psychopedagogy
Degree in psychology
Psychotherapist under supervision in integrative psychotherapy
Services: individual therapy sessions, support groups, professional training (communication, English, combined arts worker, commercial workers), art therapy workshops for children and adults
Date de contact :
Tel. 0744 / 440231 ( Orange ) sau 0725 / 880909 ( Vodafone )
Fax : 0241 541178
Email : [email protected]